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Trader Jacks

From the highly reputable, JC Newman, come these aromatic cigars lightly spiced with the flavors of the Caribbean. These beauties featuring Dominican, Honduran and Nicaraguan tobaccos, arrive in a stay fresh resealable pouch. Get 20 aromatic cigars with a Connecticut wrapper in a stay fresh pouch. 

Quorum is the #1 Bundle Cigar sold in America.

These medium-bodied handmades are high quality with a low-budget price. The all-Nicaraguan blend issues a satisfying profile with ample amounts of flavor and body that doesn't come close to breaking the bank. 

Its available in a shade-grown Ecuador Connecticut wrapper,  a dark Ecuador sun-grown, or a rich Nicaraguan maduro. 

Available in 7 different sizes

  1. Churchill
  2. Double Gordo
  3. Toro
  4. Torpedo
  5. Corona
  6. Robusto
  7. Short Robusto

Joe's Reserve

 Strength: Mild   |   Filler: Medium   |   Box of 20 

Factory Throwouts #59 and #59 Sweets

 Factory Throwouts Number 59 get their name from the appearance of the wrappers used on these tasty cigars. While premium, boutique brands have to pass a number of strict quality controls and show it with mellow, absolutely flawless wrappers, Factory Throwouts represent the types of cigars that are removed from the line due to small spots, blemishes, and other wrapper imperfections. Although the wrapper doesn’t have a polished, gorgeous appearance, the filler and binder used in these cigars still makes for an excellent, satisfying smoke. These delicious Lonsdales use an Ecuadorian Sun Grown wrapper and sweet flavored tobacco for a creamy smooth to medium-bodied experience. These tasty smokes are fine, flavored smokes to enjoy as a quality everyday cigar. The low price makes them an easy choice as a good, everyday smoke and a fun cigar to hand out at parties. 

Mark Twain's

 Mark Twain delivers a flavorful, mellow to medium-bodied experience. Notes of oak, cream, white pepper add to a rich tobacco core, completing a mellow but eventful 60+ minutes of your time.  

Garcia Y Vega

 These cigars have a very pleasant smell to them providing a very mellow taste. Garcia y Vega cigars are also known as Garcia Vega blunts because of the way it is made with an inner leaf wrapped around a thicker outer leaf into a spiral motion. The blunt got its name due to its rounded or broad tip back in the 1800's. 

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